Wednesday, November 1

I've Created A New Blog

You can get the link from my profile. That's where I'm going to post from now on... It'll be easier with both of us sharing the same computer. We can just use the same blog and make things easier for everyone else.

Lucy's Coming To My House?!

Lucy, I just saw your blog post. I'd be glad to have come to visit me to escape the Coven, but I feel I have to warn you that I'm not moving in until November 4th. If you get to Scranton at 10 pm EST, you can be to Milford by 11:30 the latest. I'm in the Hattree Inn now, room 13. I'll be waiting up for you... This is probably going to be weird :p because we just met each other and all, but I swear I'm not going to molest you or anything.

So, everyone else, Miss Corinn's poetry contest is open as of today. I hope you're all being discreet about the messages you're hiding in your poems, because if you just capitalize random letters Miss Corinn or her "Tech Support" is probably going to notice and just make everything capitalized or everything lowercase. I'm putting the finishing touches on my poem and I'm probably going to send it in tomorrow, so by the time the weekend rolls around they should've gotten it up on their site.

Did anyone notice that Miss Corinn's poem is called The Silver Garden, and the fake Katrina Plessing keeps mentioning a silver garden? It sounds a little suspicious to me... if she can't get on any site except blogger (?), how does she know about the silver garden? Which, if I'm interpreting things right, is Eden?

Anyway... Lucy, call me if you get this before you leave. You have my number.

EDIT: I just read the comments on my last post. You guys just don't understand, do you? I haven't been able to sleep much since Cal died. I'm having serious guilt trips, and I've been doing my best not to let it get to me too much. I was in the middle of buying a house when things started to heat up with the PhoenixFire Corporation, so excuse me for trying to get on with my life while this is happening. It's horrible, and I know that, and I don't think I can EVER convey to you people how badly I feel knowing I could have prevented Cal's death. I swear, I am going to do everything I can to damage Miss Corinn's reputation and infiltrate the PhoenixFire Corporation, but I need some time to get my personal life sorted out. Just so you know, I drove to Middletown earlier today and visited the PhoenixFire Corporation's headquarters. They have a big factory in the center of Middletown, designed to look like a normal office building. I tried to apply for a job, but they told me there were no openings at the present time. I'm still trying to work for everyone else, and I really can't deal with much more guilt. So please, back off.

Monday, October 30

The Poetry Contest

Miss Corinn's poetry contest opens on Wednesday. I want people to submit poems to her, but don't make them in support of her. Please attempt to hide messages in the poems that creative and interested people can look and find information about how bad Miss Corinn is. We can bring down her contest... maybe one of us will win the "distinction" of being the best poem. Wouldn't that be something?

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been busy going around Milford and Matamoras and making myself familiar with the area. It's been fun, really, and I've been able to take my mind off of Lucy and Cal. I feel really bad for being all the way on the East Coast while this stuff with the Coven is happening in Utah, but I don't know what to do.

Lucy, I saw the pictures you posted of the flames. Did you realize there's a face in the fire? Look at the top right of the bonfire. You can see an evil-looking eye. It's really creeping me out every time I look at it; I had nightmares last night where a bunch of bald women came and took me out of my room and threw me down a hole into Hell, and I found Jakob Plessing there and he spoke in this weird garbled language that was probably spoken Vigenere, which I would never be able to transcribe.

I haven't been sleeping well. Right now I'm sitting in my motel room planning what I'm going to do for the day. I'm going to go register for a library card at the public library, see the real estate agent about setting up electricity and water and all that, and then go out for lunch at the Water Wheel. I really like that place :P. It's this cafe in Milford with a water wheel right in the dining room. It's interesting to watch.

That's about all the time I have for now. Sorry for the disjointed post, but I'm busy at the moment. I'll talk to y'all soon.

Saturday, October 28

Spoke to Lucy

I tried calling Cal but the phone was dead. Lucy called me a few minutes later and said that she'd found Cal's phone, and my number was the last one he'd dialed.

She's fine. She's home, and she's working on a blog post. She said Cal's dead, but she's OK, thank God.

Looooooocy, come hoooooome!

No word from Lucy yet. She's been gone more than twelve hours. I don't know what to do any more. I feel so helpless out in Pennsylvania. I'm kicking myself for sending him out to Pa's Steakhouse... he's dead and I can't do anything about it. It's my fault. Sylvia, you're right, I should be there instead of Lucy, but it's just NOT POSSIBLE. I just bought a house... I don't have any money for a plane ticket. Besides, I can't get there in time to help Cal and Lucy. By the time I make it to Utah, broke or not, it will have been too late. They need help now, and there's no one that can give it to them.

I wish I'd gotten Lucy's cell phone number or something so I could call her to see if she's all right.


Brainstorm. If Lucy's still hunting around for Cal and the clearing maybe I can call his cell and she'll hear it. I'll write back in a minute.

Friday, October 27

Cal Is In Trouble

I was in a chat room with Lucy and a few others. We were discussing a lot of stuff about the PhoenixFire Corporation, and the Psychic Poems contest and "Katrina Plessing's" blog. The chat was going great... we were enjoying talking to each other real-time rather than through Blogger.

And then my cell rang. It was Cal... my friend in Utah. He was at Pa's Steakhouse looking for signs of the Coven. There was a sound like heavy breathing, and then footsteps, and then I heard someone screaming... no, shrieking.

I'm afraid Cal was captured. I told the people who were in the chat room and Lucy left to go see what she can do. I'm really afraid for her right now. She couldn't save her brother, and now she wants to help Cal. By the time she gets there I'm afraid it's going to be too late.

I'm not going to sleep tonight, that's for sure.

EDIT: Oh my God. I'm sobbing right now... and I don't care what you think of me. Look at this.

I'll Be Online Later

Lucy, if you want to talk about the funeral or the coven or anything, I'll be on AIM. My screen name is FrankDawes, so send me a message or two.