Saturday, October 28

Looooooocy, come hoooooome!

No word from Lucy yet. She's been gone more than twelve hours. I don't know what to do any more. I feel so helpless out in Pennsylvania. I'm kicking myself for sending him out to Pa's Steakhouse... he's dead and I can't do anything about it. It's my fault. Sylvia, you're right, I should be there instead of Lucy, but it's just NOT POSSIBLE. I just bought a house... I don't have any money for a plane ticket. Besides, I can't get there in time to help Cal and Lucy. By the time I make it to Utah, broke or not, it will have been too late. They need help now, and there's no one that can give it to them.

I wish I'd gotten Lucy's cell phone number or something so I could call her to see if she's all right.


Brainstorm. If Lucy's still hunting around for Cal and the clearing maybe I can call his cell and she'll hear it. I'll write back in a minute.

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Anonymous said...

Frank, you could try calling Pa's Steakhouse to ask if they've seen her. Fingers crossed!