Monday, October 23

I Have This Friend...

Hello, faithful readers! Frank here, again.

I've been thinking a lot about the Satan worshippers out in Utah. So far it seems they've held a ceremony every Friday, according to the Red24 page (I'm still in awe that you guys found that.) I have a friend who lives in Salt Lake City, so I think I'm going to have him try to figure out where they're holding their "events" and try to attend one. Maybe he'll get us some information about the Coven of the Black Crow and their human-sacrifice tendencies. :P Maybe he'll even save someone's life. Then I can check that off my 43 things page!


I got an email from the PhoenixFire Corporation today... they told me I need to stop spreading lies about their corporation, or I'm going to be sorry. Apparently they've been monitoring this blog ever since I first mentioned PFC on the Victims of a Psychic homepage. Oh, well. Good for them. You know what I have to say to the heads of the PFC?

t( ' . ' t)

So there.


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