Friday, October 20

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Ugdb: “Bxhh Rdgxcc” <>

Id: “Ugpcz Splth” <>

Hjqytri: Gt: Ndjg Fjthixdch

Wtaad iwtgt Bg. Splth! Bxhh Rdgxcc iwpczh ndj ktgn bjrw udg ndjg tbpxa! Wtg iwxgs Tnt itaa wtg iwpi Zpga lxaa cdi wpkt wxh epetg lgxiitc qn idbdggdl bdgcxcv, jcudgijcpitan. Bxhh Rdgxcc ktgn hdggn. Ph upg ph ndjg adkt axut vdth, qt pi iwt rdgctg du Tphi Gpcsdaew pcs Cdgiw Hipit Higtti idbdggdl pi pgdjcs udjg… ndj ldc’i gtvgti xi!

Iwpcz ndj udg ndjg tbpxa pcs Bxhh Rdgxcc addzh udglpgs id wtpgxcv ugdb ndj pvpxc! ~Bxhh Rdgxcc


I'm Not Null said...

What happened at that corner?

For anyone wanting a quick decode:
From: “Miss Corinn” <>
To: “Frank Dawes” <>
Subject: Re: Your Questions
Hello there Mr. Dawes! Miss Corinn thanks you very much for your email! Her third Eye tell her that Karl will not have his paper written by tomorrow morning, unfortunately. Miss Corinn very sorry. As far as your love life goes, be at the corner of East Randolph and North State Street tomorrow at around four… you won’t regret it! Thank you for your email and Miss Corinn looks forward to hearing from you again! ~Miss Corinn

I'm Not Null said...

Forgive me! I brain farted when I posted the decode here. Feel free to delete it!
Sorry Again!