Monday, October 23

Lucy Middleton's Blog

Someone passed me a link to Lucy Middleton's blog. She lives in Utah, and last Friday her brother was killed by the Coven of the Black Crow. She's got quite a description of the pagan ceremony that occurred on Friday night... everyone should read it to know what we're up against. It chills you to the bone, doesn't it? Her poor brother... but I noticed his name was Jakob. Jakob Plessing, anyone? I'd bet her family is more connected to the PhoenixFire Corporation than just through the death of little Jakob. I've got a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye. Not that I'm accusing her of witholding information from us, but I think maybe they don't even realize they're connected. With all of the stuff I've seen happen lately, perhaps the spirit of the elder Jakob Plessing posessed the little boy and he jumped out the window and tied himself to that creepy upside down cross. Or something. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that... it's probably going to upset Miss Middleton.

I'm hoping Lucy contacts me soon. I want to help her through this, and I hope the rest of you will be right there along with me.

right in front of your eyes

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Ruuku said...

Of course we will Frank, you can count on me, and the rest of us!