Sunday, October 22

A Bit of Clarification

Ok, I have to clear up a few things I think some people misinterpreted... I've gotten a lot of confused emails from folks who don't understand what's going on. It's good to see you found the message I posted on the forum, but I don't know if you understood the decoded version correctly. Here it is.

crimson sin
miss corinn
won't you let me
come on in.

Also, when I did that many-degrees of separation thingy last post, I didn't mean that LITERALLY. I don't personally know anyone who was killed by Satan-worshippers in Utah, and that's not my problem with Miss Corinn; that would be like getting angry with a McDonald's fry guy in Maine just because the manager of a Wendy's out in Hawaii discriminated against women when hiring.


So, I finally got back to my apartment last night. I liked being able to look out the window and see the Chicago skyline, all lit up and everything, but I missed Pennsylvania already. I'm in love with a town... I never thought it couldhappen, but I am. I'm really looking forward to living in Matamoras perhaps even more than I looked forward to meeting her again, all those years ago.

Stingray, I'm very disappointed that you gave Miss Corinn a link to the forum. She would have discovered it eventually, but come on! Whose side are you on here? She's evil. She will go to any means to have a prediction come true. That's not OK.

I have to go eat lunch. Good luck hacking into the PhoenixFire site.

PS. Whoever found is a genius. Great work, although I have no idea where you'd get the idea to look for red24. That just proves that the PhoenixFire Corporation sponsors Satanists. Anyone else thinking that the "Subjects" PFC provided were humans?


Ruuku said...

Hate to tell you Frank, but Red24 was given to us by Miss Corinn from a prediction, she also had visions of a family from Utah dying too. But now she has seen the Black Crow page, she considering leaving The PFC... she doesn't support satan worshipping either ya know.

Also, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions about the girl you mentioned... I just don't know what to believe at the moment.

stingray said...

We've only got your word for it that she's evil. It's always best to hear both sides of a story before getting involved with a personal dispute.

After all, I wouldn't want to help you and then find out later on that you were the one behind the PhoenixFire Corporation all along and you made up a pack of lies about Miss Corinn because she knew about the dark side of the PhoenixFire Corporation.

Tell us more and then we can all make the decision which path to follow.


life just good

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