Friday, October 20

The Website Has Launched

I logged on to Miss Corinn's chat last night and posted a link to the website. Right away, Miss Corinn's Tech Support got me and kicked me off the site... I can't access it at all right now. Oh, well... no big loss. The website is out there, and people know. That's all that matters.


This morning I closed on the house. Lots of legal mumbo-jumbo, but whatever... It doesn't really matter. All that's important is that I HAVE A HOUSE! I get to move in on November 4th... they changed the date.

I fly back to Chicago late tonight! I have to say goodbye to everyone back home and pack all of my stuff, and then I get to live in Pennsylvania. Finally.

Gotta go get something for lunch now... There's this little cafe over in Milford with a Water Wheel right in the dining room. They have great salad...

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Adam Davenport said...

Good luck with the move, Frank!